Hong Hyunhui and blogger ‘it was me’ and October wedding ceremony…”Be rich.


October month which the comedian Hong Hyunhui comes with (the one’s real name subject of a lecture multiplication) which was the interior design speciality blogger I gets married. On 17th, the daily sports reported that Hong Hyunhui and Jeisseun got married through the representative of entertainment world. The Ojakgyo of 2 people was the comedian Kim Yeong-hui according to the report. Jeisseun was donated to the podcast ‘the brought up cider’ which the Kim Yeong-hui · Hong Hyunhui · mirage hosts. Especially Hong Hyunhui expressed the influence that surely it would like to get married to the acquaintances this year. The permission of the good family is gotten recently and the marriage is being arranged. Hong Hyunhui this day SBS power FM ‘the Love Game of the Park Sohyun’ weekly corner ‘am I the waste?’It appeared and the marriage news was given directly. As to Hong Hyunhui, anyone didn’t trust being ” boyfriend. There said be the boyfriend in sohyun sister but it didn’t believe. Did the agency boss trust, the parents didn’t believe and told and installed to laugh at the listeners? As to He, ” now is likely to listen the broadcast Anyhow, I was happy. It had been living alone lonely. However, it will share with Jeisseun in the future. Jeisseun installs ‘the house interior design will be changed every 1 year’. (the one’s real name which was me), When I would do cheerfully comfortably in the beautiful house, decide to be rich, then it loved and I told. The Kkeo rain sister (hong Hyunhui), that is the left atrium of ” I, can go well to Kim Yeong-hui who is known with the Ojakgyo which is 2 people. It is happy with Jeisseun. It told to be good. Meantime, Hong Hyunhui made debut as SBS 9 0 house comedian in 2007. And the appearance got SBS entertainment grand prize comedy section grand prize in ‘the men finding the smile before’ in 2012. The audiences are met by ‘the comic curl drip girls’ combining the musical and comedy play.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733266.htm, 2018/09/17 21:21:45]