‘supervising’ rare book kite and pregnancy “the In The Mood For Love of 2,018 my life” only four years of marriage


The mother comes to the actor rare book relation informed the face through the movie ‘supervising’ (the supervision understanding the soul). The rare book yeon seems to have to remember the year 2,018 as the In The Mood For Love of my life in its own Instagram on 17th. All Bahyeot the pregnancy news this year is trying to be finished along with the child to be born in the world soon After that, first impart the rare book kite to the valuable people “the life to will be prepared with the calling called the actor and mom and it will visit with the good work” do love the happy news, love me? The writing of the content was published it thanked. Presently, it was known to be the antenatal training middle in Berlin. As to the pregnancy news of the rare book yeon, he got married with the marriage with 9 years old associative memory husband in 4 in 2014. The rare book kite undertook the age of the king role addicted to the narcotic in solder 한 ‘supervising’ on last May 22nd and left the strong impression to the audience. 6kg was reduced and it built muscle between 3 months and He concentrated on the unlike other people effort for this role. Here, the reallistic acting became more and more and the age of the king came into mind as the character of ‘supervising’ best. Like this, he getting the recognition as the actor conceived the new life and it was hit by the multiple happy occasions. The netizen is throwing out the celebration message to the rare book yeon which it gets to catch the day and family and 2 rabbits up to altogether this year. ” smoke is really more real. Since It becomes the mother of a baby, it is really languid and the childcare is done and it met, it does with and good role. It congratulated and gave an easy birth to, ” (plat****) supervising was seen and it was truly in a state of lull. Be truly good at the acting Zhang. It produces healthily to know. Buy happily, the smoke is so impressive and it is not forgotten from ” (gofk****) supervising. It is giving an easy birth to and it will meet, the reaction of ” (go75****) “‘ supervising ‘ acting was really good, give an easy birth to” (leew****) back is being shown as the good work. In the meantime, it debutted as ‘the nonstop 4’ in 2003. It appeared after ‘the new heart’ ‘the romantic Ireland’ ‘the perfect charms it sees’ ‘changkko Ban’ ‘the empire of the gold’ etc. and the performance was built up. The debut got to get the recognition after ‘supervising’ in 15 years.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733245.htm, 2018/09/17 16:10:56]