The boyfriend “one which it changed and tried and… police appears” it finds


After it was booked on the boyfriend A Ssi assault charge by the police and the group KARA native actor Koo Hara (27) was under widespread criticism every day, the bruise photo and diagnosis, content of conversation with messenger, and etc. were opened to the press and ‘the both parties violence’ was asserted. The doctor that it will express the standpoint that A Ssi is among these absurd and will attend the police was expressed. As to a Ssi, according to interview with one internet medium with the detail that the lie is contained, however the reconciliation is any more the meaningless determination in the Chosun-ilbo and interview “it tried for the reconciliation through the lawyer and acquaintances of Koo Hara based on the accreditation ‘ until this morning in the wrong way” on 17th. It appeared in the police and it will be Bahi and all truths were revealed. It finds and why this day is found in the call and the agency contents Y people concerned is connected to the person. But the position which it was difficult to tell in detail in being the individual part, is embarrassing was shown. After that, “it confirms about the police investigation schedule or detail in the law firm” the understanding for was asked. It spoke to the law firm Sejong pity “the representing attorney will having a meeting and the now decide to offer the reply which is detailed after having a meeting”. Meantime, X ” (A Ssi, in advance) was abused in the specialty in entertainment medium dispatch and interview that it finds and it pushed. He was pushed, He found my long tress of hair with “***” and I swinged. It pushed with the white board and the air cleaner was thrown. (he) over was swept and I asserted in this process.
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