The first place of ‘per person’ booking rate and ‘seasung Ahn’ ‘negotiation’ back consecutive holidays of Chuseok 3 the Green onion pancake competition


‘per person’ is observing 3 shot multiplex cinema booking rate, 1 Wi including CGV, Lotte, Mega-box, and etc. while the consecutive holidays of Chuseok Korean movie 3 Green onion pancake is attracting attention. The per person ‘ (the supervision Bakhuigon and under Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, in the morning on 17th 9:25, the standard) record 24.8% and there is the front the sweet Ri. After that, ‘seasung Ahn’ (the supervision Kim Gwangsik), as to the second and ‘negotiation’ (the supervision Lee Jong-suk) rose the rear to the third with 21.6% as 23.6%. ‘ per person ‘ have the simultaneous release ahead along with the Seasung Ahn ‘ negotiation ‘ is these oppositions that it predicts the tendency of the land and occupies the universe per person which the king can become with the genius geomancer Park Jae-sang (Seongwoo Cho) changing the human destiny and art which it draws the desire. It becomes more and more till the story which it does the dramatic surrounding the interesting meterial and this that it is the per person and overwhelming visual robbing of the eye line and the expectancy is added as Wellmade quadrupole. The current work is the finale of the dynamics 3 parts series (the manufacturer Jupiter film and representative chief editor Ho) after ‘tubula’ ‘head of a company’. In 2013, rod 한 ‘tubula’ started in the meterial that it has the physiognomy which it sees the face of the man and dealt the fate of the historical tragedy and Joseon and broke through 9 million audiences and was a box-office success. This year, 2 month the rod 한 ‘marital harmony as predicted by a fortuneteller’ disentangled the relation of the man with the dynamics and drew the light comic romance. All Ppyeolchin the story around these fightings which ‘per person’ to decorate the series last has the power as ‘tubula’Seongwoo Cho, intellectual strength, steam Seong germs, pattern circle, Yoonsik Baek, and etc. acted. The idea that it makes the reason in the world the Ppul Eo against than what with the geometric geography stimulates the curiosity. It is interesting to illuminate the young days attitude of Hungsun.
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