The Koo Hara “the long tress of hair was caught up to and… air cleaner was thrown” breaking ‘silence’


The singer Koo Hara hiting against the boyfriend assault charge broke the silence and it refuted in 4 days “I in which taking A Ssi came the home and which am sleeping was kicked and after dispute started”. The boyfriend A that it opened the wound and hospital medical certificate, and etc. that it finds and unilaterally it was right Ssi and the Geose tug of war over truth are likely to be inevitable. On 17th, the entertainment specialized medium ‘dispatch’ reported the case of that day that Koo Hara reveals. The beginning of the fight that it finds insisted on the fact that it meets the pictorial entertainment people concerned to A Ssi in the breathing lethargy. A Ssi doubted the relationships with men of Koo Hara. Its own house was visited and A Ssi which is drunk on start liquor of the violence that it finds considered Koo sleep as the foot in the price lower-part. “A Ssi abused X abuse and He was pushed. I pushed. ‘ you what is and push the day. That severe abuse was given to me and it told and the scuffle started. A Ssi found my long tress of hair and it wielded. (I) was pushed with the white board. The air cleaner was thrown. I swept over (he) in this process. It fought extremely. … the bruise has in the bodyThe situation was explained at that time. Additionally, it threatened that Koo Hara of the home will be left and it will inform to the press company. The silence between 4 days is broken and Koo Hara reveals the medical certificate, and etc. and it refutes squarely this case seems to escalate again.
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