‘the voice 2′ and end…’ with OCN highest in history audience ratingThe voice 3′ expectancy ↑


The Ki the cable channel OCN Geumto drama ‘the voice season 2’ (the script margin circle · direction two wins the soul) final episode where the actor Ijinuk or less or the Kwonyul starring ‘the voice 2’ recorded OCN highest in history audience rating and it gained the successful conclusion, 17 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea is broadcasted the day before at 10:20 p.m. the audience rating 7.1 % (the whole country · charge platform standard)The rock was done. This is figure which 0.6%P is the highestest among than ‘tunnel’ 6.5%, that is the audience rating, with the prior OCN. The voice 2′ considered the season 3 from the planning stage. In the day before final episode, while the mystery was solved, the new mystery was expected and the next season was expected. The golden time team settled the hostage situation and terror threat which the hatred criminal syndicate doctor Fabry propels and the situation seemed to be finished. However, the detail that the last bomb bursts at front of authority week (one minute of tooth) which listened the earnest voice of the child and which it enters within building was drawn. The child voice flowed out from the recorder. This was the trap which the Jesu Bang (kwonyul) designs. It have been+get to been tighten the golden time team with to the end elaborate design and in conclusion, as to Jesu Bang, there gets to be no number in which the building where there was the authority state exploded and which his life and death is well known. Moreover Kangwoo Do for was stopped at the boundary of the fact and fact to the end. At the moment that as to He, the building where there was the authority week exploded, I, as to the memory seen attentively got to recall the ear of the child called Mihoh with the murder which the father commits 27 years ago previously. However, it is not certain what this means. In addition, the suspicious which was watched in the car old people and man foretold the new mystery. It rose to ‘the voice 3’ per B including ‘the voice 2’ after ending. The expectation of the audience about the next season seems to be reflected. It attracts attention if ‘Voice’ returns to TV by any kind of detail.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733195.htm, 2018/09/17 11:18:57]