Block ratio Geekko and self-support one… the agency “there is no to be decided”


The self-support rumor of the Boy block in the group non-member Geekko was brought up. It denied “when there is no to be decided” that agency Sebeun season is worm-eaten. It revealed on 18th “because the current (block inactive or no and self-support) is decided, there is no and it is discussing including the renewal in various angles” which the Sebeun season is worm-eaten. After that, it added “it will announce as the further situation will be arranged”. The contract expiration point of time of Geekko and Sebeunsijeunseu is come November. As to the position artist, the looking for is the new company possible about 3 months. Geekko went side by side the agency constant and personal schedule. In the morning on 18th, the daily sports reported “geekko comes out of block rain and the self-support is prepared”. It told and, “the doctor which Geekko block inactive will not be any more active was revealed to the close staffs” “it will try alone on the love call of the agency recruit or clues”. Block rain dismantling yes or no is attracting attention upon the self-support rumor of Geekko. Block rain majority tune was made and it produced and Geekko made the group concept and color so far. The person that there shouldn’t be no in block rain It is the situation where block rain can shake if Geekko who is the leader and producer drops out and the interest about the dismantling or no is more amplified. Presently, it is putting name in the third north and south summit talk special entourage list and the Pyongyang land on is being stepped. The situation where it is difficult that I reveal the position in connection with the further pass directly The interest is collected if He makes any kind of choice after north and south summit talk. Geekko starting as Underground wrapper made debut as block rain in 2011. It was active after hiphop clue Beogwailjeu. The crush · Deane and fancy child clue was formed in 2016.
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