Huge ‘the click Star Wars’ rising star on reception “the news which is happy among the album preparation”


The group Kkeuna large occupied ‘the click Star Wars’ grade on 5 week series 1 Wi and it rose to ‘hall of Fame’. The expectation for the musical activity to was raised with the first receptions after reorganizing into 4 groups. The Kkeuna large got 96,767 tickets from ‘the click Star Wars’ 9 month fourth week grade on vote proceeding from 10th until 17th and rose per B. It rose to the grade on 5 week series 1 Wi from last on August 13th until September 17th and especially put name in the prize winner grandiosely. It is the grade look ‘***’ click Star Wars ‘on the 9th of last month, with the first launched votes’ click Star Wars rising star look ‘ the abbreviation. ‘the click Star Wars’ selects arbitrarily and the candidate installs against the artist having the potential to rise as the general trend afterward. If it is the artist grow to the distinct musical activity regardless of the year of debut and sex and age in orderly manner, it can go up to someone or candidate. The Kkeuna large debutting as ‘the knock’ last March 2016 on 3rd captivated the eyes with the large-scale height of the average height 185cm. The team name included the meaning that it taps K pop of the door with the meaning called ‘it become the huge man’ and ‘the k pop knock (K-pop kNocK)’ and one’s music. The love of the music fans was gotten as the visual which was masculine and charming and performance splendid. It became popular from not only Korea but also overseas and especially the position of ‘the cold current rock’ was tramped. After that, the Kkeuna large rose the second opinion mini album ‘the remain’ brought out to the first in the K-POP album chart, that is the USA iTunes based on genres category, last November 2016 on 17th to upload on ‘promising K pop singer making debut in the first half of 2016 of 8 people’ which U.S. Billboard selects. It was and ranked as two Wi of Singapore, two Wi of Thailand, three Wi of Malaysia, and three Wi of Taiwan. The Kkeuna large participated in the writer and choreographing as well as the composition and showed off the musical ability. Ohuijun took part in the writing the lyrics of the recording song ‘the spread ox exorcism (Feel So Good)’ of the recording song ‘tonight’ of ‘remain’ and last repackage album ‘the gravity and Kkeompeullettideu (GRAVITY, Completed)’ brought out in 2017 and composition. And the leader Kim Geehun planned the choreographing of ‘stay’ and showed the performance of the Kkeuna large. It put name on ‘the first time sound sea best k music awards’ Hanryu Shin music star in 2017 and ‘the twenty fourth time Republic of Korea culture and entertainment object’ K-POP section music award the Kkeuna large captivating home and abroad marked the eye contact on the basis of in 2016. After reorganizing into 4 groups, it was suspicious and especially the popularity in which it does the building materials the class prize was shown off. ‘the click Star Wars’ proves that Korea Japan and China fandom is solid as the vote rate is high for the vote site in which Korea and it likes the k pop Japan and Chinese fan which get together. The Kkeuna large hit against the overwhelming vote of the Japanese fan as well as the domestic fan and received the grade prize. The huge people concerned is preparing the Gippeo Ha ” album at the grade on news. In order to show the better looks in the future, it is preparing. It thanked and told. It is planning to be delivered to the Kkeuna large as the trophy is made. In the grade figure ‘, if the first place for 5 weeks in a row is occupied, the special benefit is given. Firstly, Korea and Japan and all Allin the news of prize winning in China Deoppaekteu site It is not only for Korea and the happy news receiving the grade prize of can be heard in the overseas. The chance which gives the news of prize winning to the overseas and which it can be developed into the global cold current artist can be gotten. The image congratulating the winning an award is and screened at Korean subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room. Finally, one artist goes up the first place for 5 weeks in a row to ‘the grade look’ (gaze) candidate of ‘2,019 k pop Deoppaekteu Star Wars’ (gaze) the beginning of next year taking place again. It is invited to the awards ceremony if the first is occupied among the candidate.
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