‘ja’ over circle and ‘miss Chunhyang’ from best feeling and marriage


The news in which the eldest son ideal circle of the actor this below zero and good friend Eunsuk gets married with the actor best feeling was known far later. 2 people are getting married and presently, is enjoying the honeymoon in Spain at last 15th. The marriage news of 2 people was known through the hanbok designer Park Sulnyeo. This below zero actor who the Park Sulnyeo is passionate in its own facebook on 16th always and good friend Eunsuk actor who is beautiful and delicate Because the Park Sulnyeo hanbok could be together in the day valuable of your son who the en is precious, the photograph of the ideal circle best feeling couple was inserted with the text that it is the really happy day “. 2 people are looking on the revealed photo in the affectionate look. The picture taken over circle family is opened and it attracts and there is another. This below zero and good friend Eunsuk getting married in 1981 divorced in 2007 but was gathered in the same place for the marriage of the eldest son. As to the best feeling, congratulating all thanks very on 15th day and its own Instagram getting married. The honeymoon will be taken and the thank will say greetings in orderly manner, it wrote. Meantime, over circle made debut as KBS daily soap opera ‘the man who the peculiar woman is odd’. Presently, the entertainment world is left and it is active as the restaurant business CEO. The best feeling appeared in the web drama ‘the shaking cider’ in 2017 and debutted as ‘miss Miss Chunhyang Competition’ Suk native into the entertainment world in 2015. Presently, it is active.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733311.htm, 2018/09/18 10:47:17]