North and south summit talk visit to the North Korea including the Geekko · Ale Ri · Hyeongseok Kim, and etc. is accompanied. ★ it holds.


The majority cultural artist including block in the group non-member Geekko, singer Ale Ri, composer Hyeongseok Kim, and etc. visits Pyungyang. 3. 2,018 north and south summit talk special entourage head for North Korea Pyungyang in the morning on 18th. At last 16th, Jong-suk Lim Cheong Wa Dae chief of staff made public the mission to North Korea list which it will be together in Mun Jae-In president visit to Pyongyang for this north and south summit talk. The official attendant was altogether composed of 52 leaders from all quarters including political economy social culture civil society, and etc. of 14 people. In the cultural art sport field, the Ri Hyeongseok Kim Hyunwoo Choi, and etc. to be known the Ri to be on Geekko was included. In this visit to the North Korea, arrange refreshingly ‘our hope the unification’ ‘arirang’ etc. and play Hyeongseok Kim who the mother’s maiden home is the displaced person at the banquet with the piano. The article will be inserted in SNS (the social relationship network service) before this and He will do best for the role through ” music so that the Nam and drum can become close more. It prayed that It became the successful talk and the wind was expressed. It is the second opinion visit to Pyongyang after the informed past March. All strings the attention exceptionally it puts name in the list as the wrapper, American nationality, and magician Geekko Ale Ri Hyunwoo Choi is the first visitIt is included in “2,018 north and south summit talk special disciplinant list through the agency and Geekko thinks before the visit to the North Korea to be very honorable. As much as it will invite to the large-scale seat, because of taking charge, the duty will be finished and it will come. The impression was revealed it thanked. The Ale Ri transmitted “in order to will present good as looks, that is the meaningful seat which north and south interchange, the best will be run out and it will come” the aspiration through the agency, saying that it was “the honor it gets to participate as 2,018 north and south summit talk special entourage” this. This north and south summit talk progress from this day until 20th. Jong-suk Lim chief secretary told “when it expects that chord of the peace which these make draws the abundant autumn of north and south relations”.
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