On 10th, the begetting son it is ‘the entertainment world retirement’ two years ‘the second film for life’ beginning with the mother


It became the mother to be two years which folded the acting life and chooses the life of the people. On 18th, the Sports Donga reported “at last 10th, all Naat the son in one obstetrics and gynecology of Seoul it is two years”. The child was known to be altogether fine it was two years. It declared to be two years that entertainment world from will be retired in last March. He, as to “the old days was so difficult in many thoughts and pain” ” I determined in the future common life on its own SNS to be the flesh agar. The people love me will not forget so far and it will go on living. It inspected, the writing of the content was uploaded and it became a hot issue. His announcement of retirement left the sense of frustration to many thises. In MBC variety program ‘to the band person of the same age tutor’, the Yeeun and rumor of discord was due to be undergone and the successful comeback is due to be done with JTBC drama ‘refined she’. He getting the recognition through this work as the actor appeared on every kind of variety program and the bright looks was shown but in conclusion, He declared that entertainment world will not be active. Presently, it is the condition where it is deleted. It appeared in the work of SBS ‘it doesn’t hesitate’ KBS2 ‘get married’ movie ‘for the sulphurizing agent’ ‘the punishment person’ ‘the speciality copy’ etc. majority in 2008 to be two years debutting as MBC ‘the golden age of my life’.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733379.htm, 2018/09/18 17:45:52]