The guy who It doesn’t become the human getting through Hyowon Bae stalking Baewoo 男 ” All Daget ” only the smoke endurance


It revealed that actor Hyowon Bae will install on the stalking male legal action. The actor Mr.A revealing among these as the person concerned spoke as “the Daget Seup kneader only the acting endurance I determine for oneself it is Nomlee who is not a person”. Mr.A continued in its own Instagram and the article which admits to be the corresponding stalking male was published. He reflects him by oneself. It is right. The miscarry like the insect was made. It does how, and can you be changed? The insect is one that there is the brain. Truly, it is the impenitence. The damage was caused in order to cause ” gooseflesh. There is the boyfriend. The whole I woman is to be loved and it didn’t want to be the human, it is ” gun confined in the rice bin whether it found and has to die. Because of damaging many men much, it is the whole hateful duckling. There is particularly no man who the bow is good. It damaged the other ducks much. The pain was inflicted as much as the goose pimples was caused. There is particularly no seat that there am me. So, the banishment for was far visited, the writing of the back was uploaded. It met with the sports tendency, “all faults on are admitted and reflected” ” experience of love wrote remarkably, as to Mr.A, the emotional modeling was very clumsy on 17th. If the opponent felt as the sexual harassment, it will reflect and he told. After that, it was in love about mentioning the word, that is the grade, to Hyowon Bae and it was out of mind. The psychiatry treatment was almost to be gotten because of the lovesickness, it added “apologize and reflect enough”. On legal action of Hyowon Bae will be and reflected. There was a lot of the message which it thought to be the work which it will take the responsibility and only “***” would like to tell and it was pure ‘fan loyalty’ and did. Hyowon Bae asserted to its own Instagram “it continued from Mr.A and the sexual harassment and stalking was suffered” on 16th. The He “the apology was gotten 2 months ago and the prevention of recurrence was promised but because of recurring again, there is no more adequate management” revealed. Hyowon Bae made debut as the Sejong University film art and native as OCN drama ‘the god’s quiz 2’ in 2011. It appeared after drama ‘the wood of the secret’ ‘the descendant of the sun’ ‘the detection of the love’ etc.
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