The Koo Hara · boyfriend and tug of war over truth in the farewell → the violence exposure tactics → police station


The farewell of the extremely private sweetheart was expanded to the public case by the violence. It is the talk of Mr.A who is the sweetheart of the singer and actor Koo Hara and He. One opening the damage photo was half-witted and 2 people started the exposure tactics through the press saying that he was assaulted. In conclusion, the tug of war over truth got to be connected in the police station. The Bal all truths however the reconciliation appears any more in the police station “it tried for the reconciliation of Koo Hara based on the accreditation in the wrong way” by the meaningless determination it interviews with the internet medium dispatch with the detail that the lie is contained after the opinion of ‘ the both violence ‘ housebreaking ‘ back Mr.A meets with Chosun-ilbo in the afternoon on 17thIt will be Hi and revealed. ” Mr.A spoke ill in the morning on 17th dispatch that it finds and interview and it pushed. Mr.A found my long tress of hair and it wielded, (I) was pushed with “***” white board. The air cleaner was thrown. I swept over (he) in this process. It fought extremely. It insisted to the both parties assault, saying that the bruise had in the body. ‘ you X Dwae small cymbals after that, as to He, ” Mr.A leaves home The word that it will end the entertainer life, it will inform to ‘it did. And’ dispatch on was decided. I wanted to defend at any rate. So, kakaotalk was again sent. It met and told and told. This is different from the word revealed on 15th Chosun-ilbo which Mr.A is over. Mr.A doesn’t have the occasion which ” I am born in the Chosun-ilbo and interview and throws a punch against this what kind of someone. Furthermore, it has never been so to the woman. If, if Koo Hara got bruise, there was the physical touch so that the carried time could calm down the Ri scratching she. Direct my fist or one due to the other violence is not. This was sworn and it insisted that both parties violence was not. Like this, the missing opinion is implemented. Additionally, it opened to the assaulted photo and the mudfight was started. The farewell of man and woman who could be ordinary is changed to the assault incident. It is clear that anything is the truth and 2 people expands the private part and it is causing the controversy or the lie. It found and “it was connected with Koo Hara but is difficult to tell in detail in being the individual part” “it confirms for the law firm in relation with the investigation by police” the agency contents Y revealed the position. The netizen is revealing the various views. As to some netizens, the area which is right and appears is not in the bruise photo which Koo Hara reveals to be “it was the diving rudder so far and prepared much” (rose****) ” scuffle. If it gets angry, the face is hit, ” (cown****) ” isn’t back of the hand Ringer trace? Saying that there is the needle mark and the bruise spreads to this Wi, ” (yong****) “if the woman beaten, the man who drank and loses the reason found and was cornered from the face” (wimb****) the back belief doesn’t go, the faithless reactoin is shown. And some netizens inform that police causes and ” man fights. It finds and is not seen no more than female entertainer identity Agyonghangeora, is the money wanted from ” (chy7****) ” man and Hara outlet? The truth was not both hit with ” (anne****) ” direct but it pushes and throws and so is the same as the appearing bruise. The man is the trash, the voice of the criticism is made to Mr.A of ” (jopa****) back. Truly, it is messy in one volume. Both, ” (naea****) “it seems to be both the same” (yeon****) ” is both pitiful. Mudfight We will go round the country if the fire watching ” (tuto****) ” face will be just made with this situation. However. He that it is the boyfriend, as to good he is largely not temple ~. Because of being like that, it met between the entertainer, and the trailer was clean, the both same class ~~ entertainer showed the cold reactoin to 2 people everyone leading to ” (roll****) “if the occasion comes to the love men, it is cruel and is cruel” (sagu****) the back mudfight.
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