The marriage announcement… netizen “it is the love which it settles down” that was the Hong Hyunhui ♥ I


The gagwoman Hong Hyunhui had the marriage announcement surprisingly. All Ullin 10 month wedding marches come with (the one’s real name subject of a lecture multiplication) which was the self interior design blogger I The netizen “the happy thing wishes to be full” is throwing out the celebration message. The netizen “the work which the en is happy congratulates the ~ marriage to be full” (bake****) was thinking at the Portal site and every kind of online site as ” Hong Hyunhui fascination richman on 17th. Congratulate the marriage. It emits light in the broadcasting some time ago, ” (re12****) charming both. The congratulation ” (jinw****) ” surprisingly. It congratulates, ” (tajo****) ” marriage is congratulated. Because of bought prettily for a long time, seeing ” (yuji****) “it is the love which this settles down” (real****) ” Hong Hyunhui broadcasting, it prettied and was nice. The popular Deut The man has to be truly nice, it is ” (ehgm****) ” Hong Hyunhui gagwoman and exceeds from the broadcasting. There was too much, as been good to the person and been rich, as to real life, the charm sent the message of ” (bvcx****) etc. The agency Sidus HQ of Hong Hyunhui revealed on 17th, “(the subject of a lecture multiplication) and in which Hong Hyunhui was the self interior design blogger I to marry in October one are right” “the exact wedding date was not tuned yet”. After that, the people concerned added “when the detail item is difficult to check in being the individual part”. As to Hong Hyunhui, anyone didn’t trust appearing in SBS power FM ‘the Love Game of the Park Sohyun’ broadcasted on 17th and being ” boyfriend. There said be the boyfriend in sohyun sister but it didn’t believe. The parents didn’t believe and says the agency boss and it evoked laughter. After that, “da”myeo Haet the close friend gagwoman Kim Yeong-hui (of me and Jeisseun) Ojakgyo role” recent consent of two families was being gotten and the preparing wedding is being gotten in the anticipation and He acknowledged the marriage fact. Hong Hyunhui debutting as SBS 9 0 house comedian played an active part in ‘the men finding the smile before’ in 2007. It was awarded the grand prize in the same section in SBS entertainment grand prize comedy section prize of excellence in 2011. It was active as ‘the comic curl drip girls’ combining the musical and comedy play and is meeting with the audience in the play ‘the Shop On The Stage home shopping corporation’ from last month. The sweetheart Jeisseun of Hong Hyunhui is acting for the self interior design speciality creator as the Seoul Lake west vocational school professor. It appeared in JTBC ‘the bird-nest is hung to give the old house’ and ‘my who was me room is asked’ ‘about 50,000 won of the Jeisseun’ etc. was published.
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