The strong will the soul summon in the boyfriend violence dispute?it finds ‘the popcorn happening’ which it will be unable to laugh


While it was under widespread criticism with the boyfriend A Ssi and violence dispute in which the group KARA from actor Koo Hara is the hair designer, KARA singer of origin and actor strong will the soul was misunderstood due to the popcorn photograph publication. The strong will zero published the picture which the scene of which the popcorn is being made in the popcorn machine is included in the Instagram story on 16th. There is the newly coined word ‘the popcorn Gak’ of the meaning that it sees this when the get excited case happened. The guess rose if Koo Hara whom the strong will the soul stops at the center of debate at was aimed in some people and the picture was not published. This got to go up and down in the gossip of the netizen soon. The strong will the soul name climbed the Portal site real time searching Eo 1 Wi. The strong will the soul Japan agency people concerned drew the cable in the speculation this day “the photo which finds and has nothing to do with the case at all”. The strong will the soul attends the opening Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and reveals “get along with the members of KARA still” “when it is close as much as there is the group chat room” in last July. It appears in the movie ‘the assassination classroom’ and drama ‘5 volume blue’ etc. and the strong will the soul withdrawing from KARA is active in Japan as the actor in 2014.
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