Where were you at ‘the mystery between 107 days’ Ppabningbing and?


The rumor of ‘spinneret’ ‘asylum’ back was produced and the recent condition of China famous actress Ppabningbing (tiger) who is Kkeureot was the attention of global community known in 107 days. What where did ppabningbing install for 107 days? On 17th, the Hong kong Bingwailbo (the department daily report) reported that Ppabningbing which disappeared after being enveloped in the tax evasion scandal according to ‘double contract’ was in the one’s home. It comes home after Beijing one’s home undergoing the tax evasion relation investigation of the taxation authority and Ppabningbing is confining Ppabningbing at home. It came back to the one’s home safely and Ppabningbing was reported as the disciplinary confinement middle according to the news. Even so, his one’s home disciplinary confinement news can be seen as the luck all kinds of rumors including the spinneret, asylum, and etc. had spread widely. While the newspaper requests strongly that source is quoted and the authorities doesn’t leak outward any kind of news about on Ppabningbing I for a while, He stays in the home for the condition where it cuts off the outside and touch. The result of final investigation didn’t come out. One called the situation in which it came to a conclusion to the innocent or guilty which side, He waits, as to the newspaper reported as the message of the source. While the end China famous broadcaster transition cotton flannel comfort (永元 崔) raised the preparation and suspicion on tax evasion in the double contract in last May, Ppabningbing was previously entangled in every kind of guess and whereabouts became unknown because of holding up June. While his news didn’t give notice, it was almost to appear in on-line in the photomontage in which Ppabningbing fastens the handcuffs and shackles between the women security staff. The report that it showed tears and sobbed on 9th fan meeting which slept the group poker work seven on the situation which it didn’t do any kind of news the electric charge after Ppabningbing criticized and which the board listening clearly who is his brother when being the member is over came out. As to the board listening clearly, ” recent day was abundant in the fan meeting. There was something wrong with the Ppabning glazing one’s history, that is the sister, saying that it was to it will don’t know if it will come to me due to this “***” to be braver but can meet again, it hinted. The board listening clearly cried ” truth and really and it didn’t want. As to rumor, which it didn’t want to have this talk because of meeting with the fans after long interval, expressed the wind and the can protect “***” family power will be good if there was the power surrounds Ppabningbing the weight was loaded on the possibility that it is the fact. The rumor that even it refused the request for sexual bribery of Chinese person in authority and gained every kind of oppression and pressure and Ppabningbing fled to U.S.A went around. But the rumor including the it roamed so far while the recent condition that Ppabningbing is in the one’s home was reported spinneret, exile, which and etc. got to be concluded. Only, it is still the mystery how Ppabningbing stayed where for 107 days. The outcome gets attention if really the record of achievements between 107 days is clarified through the Ppabning glazing mouth.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733269.htm, 2018/09/18 00:00:02]