Minchung Ban Vs Cho Deokje and ‘tug of war over truth’ which it doesn’t end


The movie ‘there is no love’ (chang Korean translation of Chinese character supervision) was released as the work in which Minchung Ban, Kim Bosung, testis the soul, Bangno type, and di-iron civilians etc. appears at November 7th in 2016. When being the movie actor living in the past honor, then it is the story in which the building Ha (kim Bosung) meets the first love Eun Jung (minchung Ban) most with 40. The number of spectator was barely regrettably nothing but 284 people (korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network formal)s. In spite of being the grade which is shabby as much as it was shameful to take mention with the movie for the world, the popular interest and curiosity was great. It is the So measure page Seo with the forced indecent act dentiform suspicion of the back it tears the underwear of the adversary actress (minchung Ban) at the situation which the middle of shooting is not agreed and in which the actor Cho Deokje deposits the hand in the pants and which touches the body part. 2 learned and endless mudfights were started. The cinema world was crossed and it spread to the rough social issue. While after female community and partial group of movies, and etc. joined and the sexual molestation dispute starting from the shooting scene made the voice, it brought the conflict and wavelength to the cinema world. The sexual molestation workshop of Minchung Ban mentioned as the anonymity Mr.A and Cho Deokje underwent the labor pains at that time such as the determination of the law was changed according to the mens rea, etc. The prosecution demanded the penal servitude year 5 to the Cho Deokje in the first trial opening on December, 2016 but the judgment was the innocence. ◆ the female organizations made an objection after the guiltiness first trial judgment, saying that the just smoke action ‘the first trial innocence’ Vs intention accreditation ‘the second trial guiltiness’ and final conclusion were “one in which the court overlooks the violence against the woman”. 80 ‘the woman hearing solidarity’ member it gathers in all over the country watched the trial in the second trial turning into the public trial according to the request for the actress directly. As to October 13th in 2017, Seoul High Court, the imprisonment sentenced the Cho Deokje to the sexual harassment treatment program completion of the probation in 2 40 hour in 1. ‘the second trial guiltiness’ determination was due to admit the intention in which the basic smoke action is not. This judgment turned the first trial over caused another dispute. It is intelligent about the Ji of which the work in which one actor is the acting according to the instruction of the director driven of the molester is apposite. The Cho Deokje position this was completely represented. However, it became a subject of discussion till claim that it submitted to the pressure by the condemnation immediately after part movie man association and female organization. Previously, the acting according to the directions of the first trial court “it doesn’t depend on the statement of the adversary actress in order to judge the forced indecent act or no but the movie whole story and intention of the director and actor have to judge the scenario, Conti, and indicator light all considerations of the director in which it makes the acting standard as the premise” ” charge against sexual harassment the director It was determined as the legitimate action with the action and indicated in the sentencing. ◆ the progressive form relative actress Minchung Ban reveals the real name in Supreme Court in front of main gate after ‘the embers of the wish’ Vs ‘scarlet letter’ tug of war over truth and 40 month offense and defenses still for the first time and one is the Ji 40 month in which the Cho Deokje is the sexual molestation handed over to the trial in the shooting scene according to one charge on April, 2015. Minchung Ban revealed the inside mind which it started directly as soon as Supreme Court set the original judgment in which the imprisonment sentences to the probation year 2 in the trial at the Supreme Court of the Cho Deokje charged with the charge including forced indecent act dentiform, and etc. in 1 in concrete at last 13th and is accumulated. The addition including this internet bullying, and etc. the Minchung Ban “when the condemnation happened in the second trial while going through the legal proceedings anonymously and concluding the problem (cho Deokje), then the fact relation of the rape incident was distorted and the suffering Ppo, and etc. were mobilized and the vested interest lie about I was continued and spread” ” (as a result) publics caused the prejudice about meThere got to be no number in which the sea route was continued and which maintains the life and it readied to cry. ‘the embers of the wish’ can remain to someone military song to another someone as ‘scarlet letter’. The Minchung Ban “the hurt which it cannot wash was suffered” revealed the position that it bands together with the sexual harassment victims. The Cho Deokje accepted ” (supreme Court) determination but there was no respected number, the movie shooting introduced the image to SNS at that time. Even though the fight in court ended, what is the cause in which both sides of offense and defense are still the present progressive?
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