The clothes ‘attention’ which ‘the Dikkaeppeurio and love affair’ Sara Snyder and sensual one’s figure · is unique


It rises as the issue maker Snyder was the rear better this time, it was enveloped in the Dikkaeppeurio and love affair. The U.S.A entertainment medium splash dot com opened the picture put the looks in which 17 days (local time) Dikkaeppeurio is having the dinner in one restaurant of the model Sara Snyder and New York. The model Sara Snyder of the friends of the Dikkaeppeurio jamming the hat on throughly and He the golden hair shared side by side in New York of one seafood restaurant in the revealed photo. Especially it is conspicuous to have the model who the girlfriends whom Dikkaeppeurio meets so far make a boast of the appearance like the doll of the golden hair and perfect one’s figure. Because the visual coinciding with the ideal type of the Dikkaeppeurio is bought and Snyder is holding, the love affair of 2 is learning the power. Sara Snyder is engaging the active activity with the one’s figure which the volume-feeling overflows with 1,995 formers even when being slender and ear eye mouth and nose like the doll with every kind brand model. He had intercourse with the second sons of the Wil Smith or Smith. 2 people met at August 2015th and gave of the farewell news early this year. After Sara Snyder seems to be the dolce child. But it is making a long drive taking advantage of victory as the Inpeullueon which takes the campaign model including 40,000 corp. Tabba corp., juicy Couture, and etc. and represents the Milleni spirit. Moreover, the daily photo which the perfect one’s figure stands out is published and the active pass is displayed.
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