The hero who is the stronggest with ‘the captain marble’ and teaser trailer opening to the public…MCU idea (image)


The marble kinematic model universe (MCU) first the woman hero solo movie ‘the captain marble’ got rid of the veil. As to the movie ‘the captain marble’ (· Ryan fleck the director child makes), the whole world same time first revealed the late night (korean time) teaser preview on 18th. The revealed teaser trailer is developed into the narration of Schild personnel Nick fury which approaches the captain marble (samuel L Jackson) and training scene of the air force pilot Carol Dan bus (the Brie Larson) which gets to be reborn as the captain marble. In the teaser trailer, give Nick fury the surprising mind as the attitude take off the appearance and eye bandage along with the speech that it is “the case where it investigates at one eye if it is the escaping soldier but I am far from the sky the first time”. Even when being strong, cold carol Dan bus smells of the mysterious atmosphere in the flying supernatural powers and look. The sentence called “it witnesses. What makes her into the hero, whether” holds the expectancy about the new hero birth in reverence, the next the year 2019 first the marble studio work ‘the captain marble’s increases the story in which Carol Dan bus meets Nick fury and which is reborn as the hero captain marble which is the stronggest with the marble kinematic model universe idea. ‘ Eobenchyeoseu bringing the audience in the domestic above 11.2 million people in last April: The appearance of the captain marble is expected in 4 with ‘after the shocking eventuality’ Eobenjyeoseu until cry Infinity. All Moeun the interest of the global audience how He has been facing the despair of the mankind As to ‘the captain marble’, 2 month domestics are North America prearrangement of release on March 8th.
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