The lot Jjeum · Bomi Yoon and management company “one to be waited for the investigation by police” ‘the gun carriage without the frontier’ hidden camera is avoided


The agency of the member Bomi Yoon of the actor lot Jjeum and group A pink revealed on the hidden camera harm “it is the plan to watch the result of police investigation”. Previously, 2 people found the hidden camera in the olive new variety program ‘the gun carriage without the frontier’ middle of shooting and lodging. The lot Jjeum agency NamooActors is waiting for ” investigation by police on 19th. It gave an answer that trend would be waited and will be seen until the investigation was finished. After that, the people concerned added as “it is much disconcerted and the company the actor person is the condition where there is only the painter”. It spared words in the Bomi Yoon agency plan A entertainment degrees, saying that it was “the olive the position” this. Previously, ‘the gun carriage without the frontier’ production crew revealed on 18th, “the filming device disguised as the portable spare battery at last 15th lot Jjeum and Bomi Yoon lodging, that is the overseas shooting end time, was detected”. The production crew explained as “the relative equipment is illegal installed by the private collection which one people carries in among the circumference equipment provider employee who is in charge of the camera to be considerable in the shooting”. After that, it told “it was immediately discovered by the lot Jjeum. With not being at all the first of the content that there is the problem was confirmed by the people” “when the investigation by police was accomplished by the voluntary appearance of the device installer”. According to the investigation by police, with not being at all the content and leakage where there is the problem was confirmed till now. The netizen is expressing the anger to this kind of news. “the one’s history can knock all and open the face” (duwj****) ” are early discovered and it is fortunate. ” which there are the lot of the insane people (kdy ****) en It is anxious if it remains as the trauma. When doing the article talents, the hidden camera Geomsappilhi has to be made, ” (lka7***) ” under the oil lamp is dark. Roll to absolutely the goose pimples ” (momo****) “whether there is the content that it can become a problem or there is no, it avoids already and sees” (jkdt****) ” staff forgive. It rotted in the prison, and was the mind the round Ri, was ” (myun****) scary? The voice that it has to pass the powerful punishment on ” (bany****) back suspect as if the trauma appears is made.
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