‘the violence offense and defense’ Koo Hara “the future which the disturbance Kkeut in feels hungry,… is bright is visited”


It was the doctor that it would like to stop offensive and defensive battle in which the boyfriend A who is the hair designer Ssi and group KARA from actor Koo Hara (27) which is under widespread criticism as quarrel and assault every day are exhaustive dirty. On Jeom causing anxiety was apologized on 18th edaily that it finds and it revealed “holding this disturbance which becomes larger countlessly to is trying to be put an end”. After that, it told “it was the still happy couple” that it finds “because the misunderstanding which the recent is small was unable to be amiably passed over, the fighting grew serious a bit” “it became the problem that all Republic of Korea know and the loss was to 2 people everyone and it caused anxiety to the fan and public”. And the man love “it cannot be the fault on any kind of one side” at one time would like to be forgived with the mind and it wants to be forgiven. He which could be talented and which it can respect wanted to step on this case and the bright future wants to be visited and the wind was transmitted. The fact that the report that Koo Hara assaulted A Ssi in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong one villa is taken over was known a.m. 12 on 13th at 30 minutes and Koo Hara and A Ssi offensive and defensive battle started. After A Ssi suffered the one-sided violence by Koo Hara. After A Ssi asserted as the both parties violence that it finds and the dispute grew serious. A Ssi, in the afternoon on 17th, about 4 hours and the next day that it finds afternoon all Badat about 5 hours investigation by police
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733467.htm, 2018/09/19 14:41:21]