The Vs boyfriend and truth what?”it will reveal all in the investigation by police” is found


It attended the police so that the singer and actor Koo Hara and ex-boyfriend Mr.A could cover right and wrong of the assault incident. 2 people told “in the investigation by police, it will reveal all ones all”. The truth which they tell is what. It attended p.m. 3 on 18th Seoul Gangnam-ku Kangnam police station that it finds for the interrogate with the attorney. “the someone beats in advance” spoke him to the question of the group of reporters to be “one in which someone beats in advance and the problem of the speech the late is not, of which the suspicion is clarified in the investigation by police”. After that, the position was revealed as “it will engage faithfully in the investigation. It is the problem that it will solve through the investigation in the future” shortly. It ran through in the refuse to answer in the question of the group of reporters that it finds finishing about 5 hours of investigation. It fell down just before boarding the car. At p.m. 9 on 17th Mr.A, that is the day before, attended the Kangnam police station. He, as to the content that it is publicized in ” dispatch (the interview of Koo Hara) is not fact. It attended in order to correct the detail about obstetrics and gynecology medical certificate and it told. After that, as to Mr.A, “it is right to beat in advance” replied to the question of the group of reporters “this part will say in the investigation”. The verbal abuse and on hacking didn’t give an answer. The plaster was attached on the face whether the trace of the violence was to be shown and it was found on the front of group of reporters, Koo Hara and Mr.A told “it will reveal all ones in the police”. The main issue is the both parties violence and unlawful entry or no. However, 2 people spread out the answer which on important matter is ambiguous. It answered as “the someone beats in advance and the problem of the speech the late is not” in the front of group of reporters that it finds assert the both parties violence. The someone beaten in advance, whether He put out the vague reply in the matter that it is the core to be the violence for the self-defense. Unilaterally Mr.A who insists to be right, gave an answer on the violence or no “this part will say in the investigation”. On invasion in residence didn’t give an answer. It is the answer breaking away from each one situation which it adhered so far somewhat. It is the moment when it has doubt about the truth which they insist. After all, the truth will be clarified in the investigation by police. Nevertheless, as long as 2 people doesn’t agree, this case is expected to come to the long fight. Especially this case is to the present and 2 people spreading to the mudfight to remain in the smear on reputation and life as the mark which it cannot erase. In the meantime, it revealed at last 13th, “the report that Koo Hara assaulted the ex-boyfriend Mr.A in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong, that is Koo Hara of the one’s home, meterial of one villa was received and it was mobilized”. The police secured the statement of 2 people in the scene at that time and the boyfriend Mr.A insisted the both parties violence that it finds on one side violence of Koo Hara. All Badat the interrogate it attends the police on 17th on 18th after 2 man kept the opinion which is contradictory through the speech and interview
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