The year 6 married life full stop which it gives the forest type…, early this year, the divorce by mutual agreement


The fact that the actor Imhyeongjun divorces was uncovered far later. OSEN was reported “When Imhyeongjun divorced early this year with 10 years old swallowing wife and agreement and legally the unrelated person came to the marriage in 6 years” on 19th. The Imhyeongjun in which the son is in the subgenual says do best for the ex-wife and parental role. As to Imhyeongjun, ㅇ raised Korean resident in America wife of 10 years old swallowings and wedding ceremony on January, 2012. Korea and U.S.A was come and is gone and He meeting the wife by the acquaintance introduction developed the love at that time and the love was married in just 10 months. It appears in MBC everyone ‘video star’ at November last year and Imhyeongjun mentions the swallowing wife. He spoke as “it is poor if the wife and age difference appears much, it competes well” “my fighting with the young wife attitude seemed to be dirty” at that time. Imhyeongjun made debut as the play ‘the Subway Line No. One’ in 1999. He informing the face after movie ‘honor to my family’ series appeared on ‘closer to Heaven’ ‘complicity’ ‘I am Leero Wang ox’ ‘your wedding ceremony’ etc. The ethnic Koreans living in China role was undertaken and Imhyeongjun was and succeeded in the change in acting style in solder 한 ‘criminal city’ at October last year.
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