Jongsook Kim lady and introduction sense “the person who is most hot” The netizen “the Hattaehat Tae?”


The speech which the wife Jongsook Kim lady of the president Mun Jae-In introduces Geekko to the wife Ri side post lady of Kim North Korea state minister Jang is the topic. 3. in the special entourage of 2,018 north and south summit talks, geekko of the group block rain, composer Hyeongseok Kim, singer Ale Ri, known Ri, magician Hyunwoo Choi, and etc. joined. Jongsook Kim lady said as “geekko is the man who is most hot in this mission to North Korea” to the Ri side post lady. “the water theme Park advertisement ‘ Hattaehat Tae ‘ of the Geekko is seen and it is most hot, it doesn’t introduce” guessed the netizen hearing of this news. Another netizen showed the reaction of “it is most hot in Korea” “jongsook Kim lady Geekko, well, the child, more” back. Geekko set foot on the North Korean land as the hiphop artist primally. The interest was concentrated if any kind of song was selected and Geekko was among these playing but ㅇ the special performance news was not informed yet. The interest is concentrated if Geekko can perform the performance while north and south summit talk come to an end on 20th. And Jongsook Kim lady introduced not only Geekko but also the known Ri. The Ri side post lady “were you once likely to have on the ago?”The delight was known to be expressed to the known Ri. It attends the concert of Yeollin Uri Party art troupe informed in last April Pyungyang. The Ri side post lady “do I disappear?” after that, Hyunwoo Choi introduces me as “magician”It made a joke. In the meantime, the Baekdu Mountain climbing after days program of north and south normalities opening third north and south summit talk is planning to be terminated on 20th.
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