“love always” buzz Kyonghun Min and birthday project 59% achievement


In ‘it is appreciated in Kyonghun Min and Ttaeeonajwo’ idol daytime ranking site ‘the click Star Wars’, the birthday support of the group buzz Kyonghun Min with is proceeded on 20th. It is the global display panel project of which Korea Japan and China fans can take part directly. The display panel is located in the major center of Korea and Japan. It attracts more and especially there is with the plan in which the celebration message which the fans send will be put on the screen. If the star (point) 100% is achieved, screen the picture congratulating the birthday of Kyonghun Min in the display panel which 100m is apart from the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite. If it rises to Japan and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel and much 400% if 200,000 muches is achieved, expose the congratulation image to Daeyeok Hong. Presently, “it is appreciated in Ttaeeonajwo”, “congratulate the birthday”, and celebration writing of “love always” etc. fans are continued. The outcome gets attention if the surprising event which owes to the hot love and congratulates the birthday of Kyonghun Min can succeed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733638.htm, 2018/09/20 17:49:12]