“miss casting”…’The captain marble ‘the trailer opening to the public and Brie Larson steps’ argument pro and con ‘


Argument pro and con about the star Brie Larson casting are connected in the domestic while the marble kinematic model universe (MCU) first the woman hero solo movie ‘the captain marble’ teaser trailer is revealed. The movie ‘the captain marble’ (· Ryan fleck the director child makes) opened the late night (korean time) teaser preview to the whole world on 18th. All greens the story which after preview got the great interest of the domestic movie fans, the keyword related to the movie occupied the Portal site real time searching Eo higher rank, Carol Dan bus meets Nick fury and the year 2019 first the marble studio work ‘the captain marble’s are reborn as the hero captain marble which is the stronggest with the marble kinematic model universe idea Because of being the new work of the hero series in which the concern degree of the global movie fan as well as the domestic is high, the enthusiastic reaction is connected to the trailer opening to the public. It is the eye line of the concern for the actor Brie Larson casting playing a role of the air force pilot Kkae Ron Dan bus character that gets to be reborn as the captain marble to pour with the expectation about the captain marble ‘. The opinion of ‘the Brie Larson doesn’t get along as the captain marble character’ ’emily blunt doesn’t install the feeling unpleasant than the Brie Larson. But’ etc. comes out. The Brie Larson debutted as the singer in 1989 in the raw in 2005. After ‘the united State Obeu is taken’ ‘room’ ‘ bean: It appeared on the scal Ireland ‘ etc. majority movie and played an active part as the actor. As to ‘the captain marble’, 2 month domestics are having North America unsealing a period ahead in this coming 2019 on March 8th. It attracts attention if really the Brie Larson can step on Miss casting dispute and the mind of the domestic movie fan can be captivated.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733525.htm, 2018/09/20 00:00:02]