Park Mison and pile-up accident proper… agency “among the rest in the house the injury is not big” among 3


The comedian Park Mison (51) faced the bump accident by the drunk driving presumption vehicle among 3. After ” Park Mison Gyottongsagoha on 20th in the afternoon and call, the Park Mison agency line entertainment people concerned went to the emergency center and got out. It was taking a rest in the house, “***” injury was not big and it was the luck and revealed now. It stopped at the direction which it comes in the Daehwa station crossroad in the Kyonggi-do Goyang City Ilsan Yisanpo IC Jayu-ro Boulevard the day before at 11 p.m. at 45 minutes and Park Mison faced the accident. It added and the operator seemed to drink and seems to drive and Park Mison was known to be moved by 19 rescue squads to the nearby hospital. Park Mison is in the midst of the play ‘the home shopping corporation’ play recently. The representative of agency told to be “one in which the injury is not serious and which it rises to the stage as scheduled”.
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