The crush and first the audition Mentor challenge…’Under Naintin ‘the director joining’ expectancy ↑’


The hip hop musician crush loved for the sensitive vocalist comes forward by the audition director for the first time. MBC new audition program ‘under Naintin’ revealed on 20th, “the crush which the participants at teenager like the most got to join in the strong director of ‘ under Naintin ‘ the vocal team”. As to crush, all participants expressed the pity by the musician having the unique tone color. The curiosity for the directing which He will show and expectancy leans because the audition program participation of the crush is the first time. Under Naintin ‘ is the teenager object audition program which is altogether divided into 3 parts and selects each part champion including the rap vocal performance, and etc. Especially, the program designated 3 part Mentor as ‘director’ and put the dozen audition program and difference. ‘under Naintin’ looking forward with the crush joining is the first broadcasting schedule of the first weeks on the coming eleventh.
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