The divorce given the forest type can be known far later. The netizen “it is unfortunate”


The divorce news of the actor Imhyeongjun was known far later. The netizen, as to “the program coming out together was made and it is unfortunate” reacted. “the entertainer doesn’t divorce much but the people divorces much. Because of being publicized and reported, the entertainer is seen as if there is too much” (RO**) “rather than the entertainer is to blame, because of being the job group like the roller coaster, it is the problem” (jung** in the netizen coming across the divorce news of the Imhyeongjun on 19th the Portal site and on-line communityAs to the) “as to Nam, the life is happy” (the Tting *) ” divorce, the proprietary will be various. If the celebrity divorces, it will bigger and the ripple force is showing the reaction of ” (the Roh **) “it is the divorce rich year” (the Bottom **) back. Imhyeongjun was revealed against the news 1 “the end of last year wife and agreement divorced” “the child is young and the wife sees only the people, it is vigilant” on 19th. He added “when it is thinking most the most importantly to perform a role as the parents and it makes contact with the one’s former wife frequently still and the face is seen due to the son”. As to Imhyeongjun, ㅇ raised Korean resident in America wife of 10 years old swallowings and wedding ceremony on January, 2012. Korea and U.S.A was come and is gone and He meeting the wife by the acquaintance introduction developed the love at that time and the love was married in just 10 months. However, it became to go to its own way in 6 years. In the meantime, the Imhyeongjun which appears in ‘criminal city’ and which it succeeds in the change in acting style is donated to ‘your wedding ceremony’ recently and the active performance activity is engaged. The new work ‘the long rib ducking’ appearance on the stage of Yoonsung Kang director producing ‘criminal city’ is decided and He is getting ready to photograph and presently.
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