‘U-KISS native’ kindred and marriage, in 3 years, the divorce Among the wife and living separately.seperation


The group U-KISS native kindred went through the divorce procedure. On 20th, YTN Star reported “kindred submits the divorce paper to the court recently and the wife and parting is prepared”. It was separated from the wife and son and kindred lived. 2 people are planning to go through on the custody for son divorce procedure and it is planning to be judged. Presently, the Instagram account was converted to the non-disclosure. Kindred got married with the wife of one associative memory on November, 2015. The happy family was made and He getting engaged every kind of appearing in TV in May of the following year. The wife was mentioned and He appearing in MBC everyone ‘video star’ showed the aspects of devoted husband at September last year. Kindred doesn’t install to not install “it is inevitably caught and lives and is so happy”. To not do one which it can not be said to do. The fault of the understanding the fault of the wife was would better admitted and spoken. However, the marriage has the divorce in 3 years and it is causing to be unfortunate. Meantime, kindred made debut as U-KISS in 2008. It appeared in the movie ‘the money cry mommy’ drama ‘the hole Ryland’ ‘royal family’ etc. and the singer and performance activity was gone side by side. The activity was stopped after in 2013. It changed one’s business to DJ.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733601.htm, 2018/09/20 13:58:48]