Wonsik Lim elder movie director and infirmities consistent with senility, on 18th, the leaving the world… one’s age at death 86 years old


Wonsik Lim elder movie director died of the infirmities consistent with senility. 86 years olds of one’s age at death On 20th, the coverage result Wonsik Lim supervision passed away at 9 minute Cheju National University Hospital a.m. 10 on 18th. The day had been being all of a sudden taken to the emergency center in the Cheju National University Hospital pity with 18. While the withdrawal took a portion after step, it died, “***” corpse revealed to be the schedule ” donated to the Jeju university medical college for the medical science development. The energy fell and the eldest son provisional government Ho Ssi of Wonsik Lim supervision died of the infirmities consistent with senility. It carried a coffin out of the house in the morning on 20th, it told. Wonsik Lim director graduated from the Seorabeol loan and deposit with Hwanghae-do Ppyeongsan native and was active in the extreme ‘credit association’ and finished the relation with the movie and started the assistant director life. It joined the Shin film after in 1957 and the film class against was hit and the foot was let in the cinema world into the movie ‘the Sino-Japanese War and heroine civilians ratio’ in 1965. The South Korean National Decoration of Honor for Cultural Contribution was gotten in 2001 and Jeju image committee head of operation was pursued in 2003. Wonsik Lim director directed the work of ‘the bandwidth military’ ‘sukbuin’ ‘completely’ ‘eight streets of port’ ‘ferocious beast’ ‘baksumudang’ ‘mother’ ‘the maiden going to the city’ etc. majority. A lot of actors including who is the maintenance which is the actor of the best of the day on his work Eunhui Choi, Bangno type, Chunghui Yoon, Nam Jin, and etc. appeared.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1733624.htm, 2018/09/20 16:17:38]