Drop out into ‘the fascination of the third’.


It is the Gimyunhye and reason which it gives the actor Minuhyeok and this cotton and Seo river, whether it attends the production presentation of JTBC drama ‘the fascination of the third’ in which the Donggeun Yang (from the left) opens in Seoul Yongdungpo-gu Conrad hotel in the afternoon on 27th and the photo time is taken. The new work ‘the fascination of the third’ of Minsu Peo director producing ‘full house’ and ‘the world which they live’ etc. is the work which 2 man and women who are crazy about the appeal and whole Joon-young (the person giving the Seo river) and this genius (this cotton) shows four seasons of the love from the spring of the twenty at the winter of 32 in 12. P.m. 11 on 28th, the first broadcasting schedules
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734028.htm, 2018/09/27 15:09:42]