SBS youngest announcer Sumin Kim and “it didn’t congratulate” to front and back other friend


The dialogue which Sumin Kim passing SBS newcomer announcer bond in 1,997 former youngest age has with the university friend was opened. As to friend, did Sumin Kim announcer pass in its own Instagram story according to the opened placard catalog recently with 0 house of ‘SBS? The work which it would like to consider you went well and it was the best, the congratulations message was sent. Sumin Kim announcer gave an answer ‘when it is appreciated’. It opened another messages under the explanation that it is ‘the men who front and back are different’. Because ‘ industry on characteristic can be much difficult but this friend is to take all into consideration and decide the goal and try and succeed, it wishes to go well as much as one can. If ㅇ formed that limpid meaning which you told at first time well, it will be good and by all means, you installed. After that, sumin Kim announcer is appreciated. It gave an answer to root. The talk divided under the explanation that the same man uploads introduced Sumin Kim announcer in the conversation that comes out after explaining that it is ‘the placard catalog to pop soon’. The friend ‘then, is the school to catch breath?’Asked. Sumin Kim announcer seems to have to be like that. The eye line was burdensome and it told. The concerned friend is one which uploads the exchanged conversation on its own SNS and the entertainer know that become already with Sumin Kim announcer. And it is busy to live and it is our school men to sleep even if the entertainer passes truly not to write much attention. There will be a lot of the entirely the man will not be really changed, which will be big to “***” Tae peripheral people and which it is branded small and even by leaving the society, it would better go with the same miscarry or inside, the article was published. The Sil fish tallow the shape is seen it is accumulated one, that is the politeness Mipbo, is accumulated there is no one which after that ” (sumin Kim) is to blame But that was not one or two people and so, in conclusion, it added to the around to many men as this situation. After that, sumin Kim announcer stopped if it congratulated if ” this one would be presented to the concerned friend. If the writings were well known and it erased, it will be good, the message was sent. Because of being the secret account, it is the account, anyway the friend takes care of “because of accomplishing the work ㅇ which you wanted to install at least, it was the mind sincerity which that itself congratulates” ” writing. Got along and it gave an answer. Sumin Kim announcer who is 22 year old with 1,997 formers this year was accepted by the Korean National University of Arts through Seoul advance notice among the studentship in SBS newcomer announcer bond.
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