‘the Terius in my behind’ Geeseop So came back.


The drama for the geeseop So due to Geeseop So of Geeseop So showed. It is MBC new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the Terius in my behind’ (the script interior the soul and direction Sanghun Park) story. Geeseop So came back to TV after the KBS2 drama ‘5 Venus’ in the half in 2. The interest about He was high as much as it returned after long interval. The fans and employees in MBC crowded in order to meet Geeseop So in ‘the Terius in my behind’ production presentation which was the Seoul Mapo on 27th and is held in Sangam-dong MBC golden mouse hole and it was crowded. The scenery which it cannot see in the production presentation usually Geeseop So revealed quite tense figure. It is much tense when ” drama is in a long time and He is nervous. The first broadcastings were likely to be seen tremblingly and the impression was revealed. After that, shoot enjoyably, the seeing people are likely to see enjoyably. The intelligence, action, comic, romance, and etc. were entered variously and it said and the expectation for the drama was raised. Sanghun Park PD expressed the large-scale satisfaction about working with Geeseop So. He was the actor that would like to work really together in ” usual time. It got to share luckily in the first TV series debut work with Geeseop So and was really good, it told. After that, ” this character is the extent which it will cannot recall the others except Geeseop So. It was the best, the compliment was not saved against in the soleumnness and loneliness U.S. In the meantime, the night PD explained “it worked with Geeyeong Oh writer and the great actor looked for this script and gave, it expected (geeseop So) and checked at a time”. Even if this day field said as the seat for Geeseop So, the question poured constantly to him as much as the exaggeration was not. Even when Geeseop So was charged with the micro feeling good, the pressure at was softly hinted. Of course, as to He, ” audience rating is important but it seems to be important whether it is not if the work remains in the heart many of the people or not. It will try, the drama society which can be kept in the one’s mind for a long time was said doing the best. Geeseop So undertook the role which Kim who is the former NIS black personnel and incumbent babysitter sees among the pole. The child actors and breathing got to be once and fitted after the previous work movie ‘it goes to be faced with the now’. He is shooting prettily in ” current work with the children. But 2 people are authentically difficult. The mothers seemed to be really great and it said and evoked laughter. In the meantime, geeseop So put the points of interest of ‘the Terius in my behind’ in order in a word. “geeseop So brings up infants.”‘the Terius in my behind’ appears in ‘waikiki the Eura car is kicked’ besides Geeseop So and Enson Chung who is Moat and Semi Lim, and etc. inspired the actor hand Lake donates the interest. This art is the drama drawn the secret collaboration of the suspicious circularity of the opposite house woman rushing into the intelligence war like the black personnel of the legend in which it disappears and fate. It is broadcasted p.m. 10 on 27th 4 times series.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734035.htm, 2018/09/27 16:28:14]