The tune which is in Malee Oh girl and ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking 20… rank?


It put name in the group Malee Oh hanger ‘the click Star Wars’ singer ranking candidate, 27 days the Malee Oh hanger idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ singer, 20 Wi were recorded. The song which is in the rank is Malee Oh girl 6 number mini album ‘the Remember U.S’ (Remember Me) title song ‘fireworks’ released on 10th. The fireworks ‘ is the tune included the memory of the girls memorized as the fireworks embroidering the deep-black sky. The dynamic and beautiful melody are impressive. Being the memory which the girls were keeping happy, and the anticipation being pathetic the housekeeping solved by the various feeling including the waiting, and etc. stands out. The composer Steven Ri and the SHINee working ‘the secret full number of personnel’ of the Oma food begging saw. (Caroline Gustavsson) which Sweden hit composer Rolraen Kkae one starve working the tune of Girls’ Generation is worm-eaten was once again mutual understanding. The song ‘fireworks’ peeping into the memory of the girls like the fireworks embroidering the night sky In 4 parking singer ranking vote of 9 months, the interest is concentrated if the increase in ranking at can be aimed. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ offers the community, display panel event, and etc. beat with every kind idol ranking information. The event can apply for someone if it is the fan.
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