‘2,018 TV put the love’ and reorganization · resurrection of the year 8


The nation program ‘TV puts the love’ comes back in 8 years. The KBS1 new variety program ‘2,018 TV put the love’ is broadcasted p.m. 7 on 28th 30 minute and the new history is planning to be used and gone down. TV is the program found the over inner room with the configuration which puts the love and finds and meets this which wanted to deliver the thankful mind in the star in the memory or usual time. One in which this long life program is reorganized to the version in 2018 This program which summoned the memory of the plentiful stars in the past and cried the viewer with the impressive story and laughs was classified to the current issue. But ‘2,018 TV put the love’ was organized into the article talents. The interest is collected if any kind of impression and smile is decreased in ‘2,018 TV put the love’ greeting refreshingly to the audiences. ◆ the Kim Yong-man-Chungsu Yoon and consultation manager-trace chief officer 2MC system comedian Kim Yong-man and Chungsu Yoon plays an active part as MC. The alias that it is ‘the consultation manager’ undergoing the story of the performers by Kim Yong-man and ‘the trace chief officer’ which it runs with the foot to Chungsu Yoon was named. After getting the story request, all across the nation around is spread and Kim Yong-man and Chungsu Yoon is expected to try hard for the meeting divine service. The expectancy leans to the breathing of the splendid skill at talking and 2 veteran MC making a boast of the retrocession and activity. ◆ in the studio ecdysis and field moving ‘the feeling of movement ↑’ past, the studio with was proceeded but as to reorganized ‘2,018 TV put the love’, MC and guest progresses with the form finding the man who it goes out to the scene directly, would like to see before. It looks forward to add the pleasure which the room made of stone situation where it progresses in all over the country and mounting of 2 MC see. This seems to be the instrumentation because of the personal information protection act intensitfication. It is the rumor that it met with a difficulty due to the reality of that it is the personal information protection act from the first shootings the wall many times. In the first shootings, it tried in order to use internet Chungsu Yoon and find the story hero with SNS (the social relationship network service) etc. However, it was not easy. In conclusion, the way was turned to the offline. As to ‘2,018 TV put the love’ people concerned, in the following process, the work which Chungsu Yoon visits the man didn’t know hard one in this way. Because of thinking so easily of the work which the man finds and frowning upon, it whispered. ◆ the comedian Baksuhong which gets the alias that the first guest hero is ‘Baksuhong’ ‘the icon of the evening breeze’ and is getting the love of the viewer comes forward by the first guest. It is the Seoul Mapo the childhood living with the hand clapping requests the story that it would like to restore the friend protecting its own neighborhood from the high school days great favor 2 MC which and Yeomli-dong is visited. After the friend and contact was cut off about 20 years ago with the hand clapping great favor, He was asked around but it was unable to meet. It is the rumor that it reminisced at the time when the hand clapping great favor He and contact gets to be cut off with the video recording at that time and was the tear Geusseong. The earnest heart that it told according to the production crew the hand clapping great favor “it wanted to find really and is the man who is unable to find still” and surely would like to find at was hinted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734087.htm, 2018/09/28 10:18:32]