As to u.N. Draft of the speech of the bulletproof Boy Scouts, how were you born?


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts Korean singer, primally, all Haet the ordinary general meeting speech in American U.N. Headquarters in New York The interest is concentrated in the speech which the leader RM proceeds about 7 minute about Engilsh among these. How did rM arrange the draft of the speech? The agency big hit entertainment explained to be “one in which RM and representatives of the agency discuss and which it fills out”. As much as it was one U.N. Draft of the speech, after RM and management company agonized, the content the man was completed with the theme. With this there is the love of the members who are aside and fans and support it is still 24-year-old common man as to RM, as to the artist perform the stadium the album of the several million ” was sold in the man agenda ‘the generation unlimited’ presentation event of 24 days (local time) United Nations Childern’s Fund UNICEF (UNICEF) came The same success was possible and it told. After that, it added “after ‘LOVE YOURSELF (the rub young fish self) ‘ series album being released and starting LOVE MYSELF (the rub MI self) campaign, the large-scale sense is felt because of holding up the story that it received the help in overcoming the difficulties in the life from the global fans and love me”. In the meantime, the global tell grandly that furthermore as to RM, the global young generations love me now with one step. Its own voice be made. It hoped to talk on I by oneself regardless of the speak young fish self (Speak yourself) “***” nation, human race, gender identity, and etc. and find its own name and voice before, it emphasized. As to this kind of message, the bulletproof Boy Scouts has a thread of connection with the done word in SNS (the society relationship network service) and concert and several broadcasts usually. Especially, the bulletproof Boy Scouts conveyed the affection toward the fan and positive message through the twitter constantly. ” our AMI It was the short working but It became the very many strengths. Thank you When the tour will be well taken. The activity it loves AMI and in which ” (political situation) is short but which is happy Thank really. It is AMI everyone thanks to, the prize in which ” (the second hop) ” activity is big from the first day is all awarded, thank you It was really happy and will be the remained activity encouraged. # our AMI prize was gotten, it makes fully into the memories which ” (geemin) is good, thank you Because it can not get hurt and finish safely, it was so thankful to our AMI which was the luck and puts emphasis, not only, the message positive of these was included in the housekeeping of ‘IDOL’ (idol) brought out last month with ” (Bwi). It is ‘I love myself, I lovemy fans’ (the myself is loved and my fans are loved) ‘Lovemy dance andmy what’ (it loves one of my dance and I) etc. Like this, the message and song lyrics which the bulletproof Boy Scouts left to the fans seems to become a background so far. These expressing the affection for the positive message and fans in the usual time showed this mind in the address at the United Nations completely. The big hit entertainment people concerned revealed to be on plan of action “the address at the United Nations and appearance on broadcasting constant was safely finished” of the afterward bulletproof Boy Scouts “the plan which remains at the overseas and keeps the world tour”.
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