Have a close contest with ‘the Terius in my behind’ Vs ‘thoracic surgery’ and audience rating 0.1% difference.


All Ppyeolchyeot TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays match in which MBC ‘the Terius in my behind’ (the script interior the soul and direction Sanghun Park) and SBS ‘thoracic surgery’ (the script Choe Su battle formation and direction Yeonggwang Cho) locks the self-respect The multiplication with the result ‘the Terius in my behind’ the audience rating 0.1% point difference As much as it is 2 dramas which it plays tight match from the first broadcastings, the tree pole competition seems to become severe more in the future. On 28th, the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea “the Terius ‘ 1~4 time recorded 6.3%·7.6%·6.1%·6.1% in the back of ‘ I broadcasted on 27th and ‘ thoracic surgery ‘ recorded 6.9%·7.5%·6.2%·6.5%” revealed. ‘the Terius in my behind’ was barely ahead of ‘thoracic surgery’ with the highest ratings standard with 0.1% point but ‘thoracic surgery’ led after time round. It is TV first show after comeback which it selects as my behind after the Terius ‘geeseop So the KBS2 drama’ 5 MI Venus ‘ in the half in 2. All Badat the special interest of the audiences it is Geeyeong Oh author of ‘the shopping king Louis’ here using ‘the drama reverse running Shinhwa’ and combination It came and goes in the initial between the charisma to be extravagant and as to Geeseop So, the Kkeul Eo spent the audiences. In the previous work JTBC drama ‘waikiki the Eura car is kicked’, it changed into the twin’s mom upgraded more and more and Enson Chung undertaking the single mother role concentrated the attention. On the other hand, the change was imposed upon the utterance and the change in acting style was attempted but the Sonhojun spreading the first villainous roles was awkward. ‘thoracic surgery’ is the work of which Yeonggwang Cho PD of ‘defendant’, that is Kkeureot, and Suchin Choi author is once again the popularity mutual understanding in 2017. The story of the urgent chest surgeons which are in the dilemma situation where the story conflicts as the appointed task and person as the doctor is put and there is. The acreage that the veteran actor including the coriander, Kijun Eom, Geehye Suh, Chung Boseok, and etc. gets together in the same place and the script and the percentage of completion is high direction and smoke which are being in harmony is coming out. In the meantime, 2.6%, that is the same ratio, was recorded and broadcasted 13 KBS2 TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the today’s espionage’ (the script Korean paper and direction Lee Jae-hun), 14 times installed in the same time last.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734083.htm, 2018/09/28 10:10:55]