Only ‘the heart signal’ Choowon Suh model Minyeong Kim and marriage… Ojakgyo the prodigy · Kim


The channel A variety program ‘the heart signal’ season 1 native car racer (24) and model Minyeong Kim (27) turns on the painted candles. The wedding service business eye wedding presented the report material on 28th and revealed to be “the schedule to ring wedding march on November 11th afternoon Seoul somewhere which Choowon Suh and Minyeong Kim couple comes with the non-disclosure” and it opened the wedding album. The happy micro is formed and 2 people are staring at the camera in the revealed illustrated magazine. The uniform in which the occupation feature of Choowon Suh who is the car racer is felt and pause utilizing the helmet are especially impressive. The group Super Juniors member prodigy and writing the lyrics got to meet Choowon Suh and Minyeong Kim by the introduction of Kim. Choowon Suh got the question about the ideal type of the heart signal season 1 end prodigy brother and Kim or sister and banquet. Concretely, it confessed that this ideal type followed SNS (the social relationship network service) Minyeong Kim directly and it told that there was and it liked as the fan. After that, he was invited to the last racing contest after ” (kim Min cariopsis) several meetings last year. All Bahyeot the marriage start the marriage got to be determined against the nap which the consideration which it fits altogether the ugly personality it made “***” It became the love relationship which after is naturally deep is deepThere was no expectancy that Minyeong Kim will marry because of being ” (choowon Suh) younger. It thought it was always interesting to got to do in the quite distant future although it got to get married. It loved to be deep and it got to get married by the love of the parents from both families and cheer naturally, there was lots to be insufficient with “***” yet but It wanted to become the good wife. It wanted to be happily together and the wife told. Choowon Suh Minyeong Kim challenges the new field as the marriage either before or after. While the car racer is active, Choowon Suh opens the dining restaurant dug in early next month. One everyone the activity which it opens the body care center and launches the makeup brand and Minyeong Kim is variousThe large-scale victory in tournament including the first Korean Japan cart series champion, and etc. is occupied in 2013 and Choowon Suh taking the Korea cart championship youngest champion after the car trace debut in 2010 has been acting for the car racer going in 10 in 2008. Minyeong Kim appeared on SBS ‘the Yuhuinak rock’ and Ongamenet ‘the Haseuseu tone’ etc. majority program as 10-in service Beauty and fitting model.
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