‘rampancy’ Chang Donggeon and Hyun Bin, all, all Haebwat?this like is looked


The eye was continuously met as if the chapter was not done as to the side and Chang Donggeon and Hyun Bin who is well known as the entertainment world representative ‘close friend’ smiled. There was no tension hovering around the manufacture Bogohoejang usually. It was bright than this any other time and the movie ‘rampancy’ (the supervision Kim Sunghun) production briefing session progressed in the comfortable inside atmosphere. The Hyun Bin and nutation volume had the smoke breathing custom-made in ‘rampancy’ for the first time. It was originally familiar and ‘since making an art work the box Jjeum’ of was thought but it revealed that 2 people was “first time” and the surprise was evoked. Chang Donggeon opened “it worked directly with Hyun Bin to occupy the large-scale part among the reason why it gets to select this art” the one’s mouth when speaking in ‘rampancy’ production briefing session which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Apgujong CGV on 28th. After that, he seems to conduct all ones except ” fact (with Hyun Bin) work nearly together. The work was unable to be together tried and the good chance came and it got to do and the work selection reason was revealed. After that, the Mansik Chung and attending together the production briefing session Uisung Kim “the pension fund was subtracted and what was like that shared” the envy (?) were done and the field was made into the scene of boisterous laughter. As to Hyun Bin, Chang Donggeon undertook the prince confusion role coming back to Joseon of the crisis the role in which it gives the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon among the pole. 2 people are sharply pitted against each other. ” (with the partner pitted against each other) played the distance at the place usually and it was the between which was so near and knows each other much for doing like that (with Hyun Bin) and Chang Donggeon told. After that, it added “when it was comfortable in acting and it was much helpful”. Hyun Bin revealed “the smoke in confrontation with Chang Donggeon was not difficult”. It was the place of which the smoke pitted against each other can be difficult as much as the friendship was close but He told “when rather it was helpful”. ” Chang Donggeon senior awards Geimsa it stops in front of camera, then Hyun Bin is changed to Gimjajun. Because there said be the acquaintance relation and whether it was awkward or was unable to be accepted, there was no that one, it kept time according to this flow so that “***” could be natural and if it cut, originally it came back to the acquaintance relation and explained. Hyun Bin and movie ‘rampancy’ of Chang Donggeon starring is the action blockbuster drawing the desperate struggle of the prince confusion which the mountain person comes back to the world in which ‘the Yae ear’ in which the dead is not runs rampant and Joseon of the crisis (hyun Bin) and (the Chang Donggeon) which ‘rampancy’ gives the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon. It is the work in which the Kim Sunghun director of ‘coordination’ and Hyun Bin is once again mutual understanding. It is the prearrangement of release on October 25th and the length in seconds is 129 minutes, 15 years old watchables.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734120.htm, 2018/09/28 15:01:04]