Sumin Kim announcer and synchronism backbiting exposure…’The opinion divergent ‘


For SBS newcomer announcer Sumin Kim, argument pro and con of the netizen are connected after the ball with no change passing examination while disclosing the slander of the college alumni. ” front and back other men Sumin Kim opens the exchanged message to the Instagram story with one college alumni recently There was no one which is the same as the apple, it expressed. The content that the synchronism handing over speaks the congratulation ill of “it is one which It know that become the entertainer already” “there is no be to blame a lot and it is accumulated to be branded secretly and it is accumulated and the shape is seen, it disgusts” etc. Sumin Kim to Sumin Kim was included in the revealed message. The verbal battle of the netizen was connected to such situation. Firstly, “the announcer is the employee and if it is angered in the young age, it can upload on SNS” (holn****) ” were good at the netizen advocating the management. Even if seniors and juniors ask to erase in the school classmates and who the others who don’t see again even if it says as the private are not getting and it asks, if it stands silently at that guts, the shape next adding has done, there is silently ” (star****) “I do well and the most delightful plurality is not ignored” (viol****) ” and all Geeun come not to the straw bag. It will speak all to the side and the men listening to the backbiting will make travel. (Opening to the public) it was one which it does well, the reaction of ” (ooal****) “one which one which it opens it cares directly does well” (yuhs****) back was shown. On the contrary, these pointing out ‘it was thoughtless’ stop. The netizen is both the same. Was this one raised in order to listen to any kind of word? Even if it gets angry, it is imprinted this as rash image. If it stood just and passed, then it was promoted by the good image but ” (uniq****) is young yet. It is just the self-destruction this and ” (rmrh****) “it is thoughtless” (kang****) is both young. It was the friend having the backbiting but Sumin Kim announcer It, as to the large-scale fault didn’t become the emotion control yet but ” (mhsy****) back comment was more left, it passed SBS new announcer bond this year and Sumin Kim who is the year 1997 lives learned the youngest announcer title. They are attending the Korean National University of Arts after Seoul arts high school graduation.
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