The consecutive holidays of Chuseok movie war winner? ‘the Seasung Ahn · per person’ 1·2 Wi


‘seasung Ahn’ occupied the first place of the consecutive holidays of Chuseok ends until 26th box office which from 21st. ‘per person’ was ranked as the second. According to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, the first place of box office recruited the audience of 3.2698 million Yeo people (about 3.5509 million accumulated audience) by ‘seasung Ahn’ from 21st until 26th. After that, ‘per person’ was after of ‘seasung Ahn’ calculated to 1.464 million Yeo people (about 1.6739 million accumulated audience). After that, ‘negotiation’ ‘deo you’ called 1.1391 million people (about 1.3124 million accumulated audience) 642,200 Yeo people (about 820,700 accumulated audience). ‘search’ got 201,000 people (about 2.8499 million accumulated audience)s choice. All Damat the work which the Seasung Ahn ‘ happens while it uses 200,000 big armies and that the Dang Tae-Jong (sungung Park) obtains the universe it invades Goguryo frontier Seasung Ahn Seasung Ahn castellan Manchun Yang (cho In sung) general makes up Seasung Ahn castellan Manchun Yang (cho In sung) general mind in spite of the electric power difference of 40 times to stand against Tang Dynasty with the soldiers of the transcriptions and 5,000 people and fight. The dynamics 3 parts ‘ per person ‘ after the tubula ‘ marital harmony as predicted by a fortuneteller ‘ prevents the plan of the nutation Kim Gamoon that the genius geomancer Park Jae-sang (Seongwoo Cho) which predicts the tendency of the land and can change the human destiny takes advantage of the per person and it dominates the country and gets to lose the family and starts. The ruined royal family Heungseon (Z component) shows in the front of Park Jae-sang of Park Jae-sang dreaming of the multiple and share the will and approach the Choageun Kim (yoonsik Baek) richman. It is the best negotiator Hachae gloss (the Yaechin Sohn) and international criminal syndicate arms smuggling dealer rat-tail and ‘negotiation’ in which Hyun Bin and Yaechin Sohn keep time is the story about (hyun Bin). Kidnap Korean police and reporter at Thailand acting the rat-tail and point out the Hachae gloss as the subject of negotiation. Does the purpose get wider, the reason deals the negotiation of the chance of a lifetime in which the hostage-taking incident of the worst in history without the condition takes place and which sets up the life of the Hachae gloss which it takes care to prevent this? More, you ‘it has the world view which the marble is no less’ are the beginning of ‘ the Kkeon base ring ‘ series. It is the stories which are Lorraine studying the supernatural phenomenon and actual research file of add Wiren couple the spin-off standing of one ‘the Kkeon base ring’ series with the meterial. Deal the shape of the nun the origin of one ‘balrak’ (aronseu it sees). The search ‘ drew the content that it searches the trace of the daughter that daughter mago (micelle clitoris) disappeared and the father David turned on, (1 trillion people dozed off) cannot find from the reality in SNS (the social network service) including Google, YouTube, facebook, and etc. It is opened and is having a long run on the 29th of last month.
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