“the energy of the fandom”…’The click Star Wars ‘ steel Daniels and business image authentication event early achievement.


We beat directly of the steel Daniels. The strength Daniels fans who are chosen as the star of ‘the click Star Wars’ business image event succeeded to the authentication event and the strength of the mighty fandom was shown off, 3 days ‘the click Star Wars’ launched ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’ making the image putting the charisma of the idol whom I like. ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’ is the event commemorating ‘2,018 k pop Deoppaekteu star awards’ (tentative name) held the beginning of next year with the abbreviation of ‘PR video’ intending the business image (one which makes the image putting the fascination of one’s idol and the other men discover the fascination of the star). It is the business image which the click Star Wars ‘the first prize winners of the honor selected on 21st beat of the group wanna circle steel Daniels’ Peachkk’ makes. The strong physical which the appeal which the peach character of the steel Daniels is together cute is contradictory was introduced and the first of was grandiosely taken possession at ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’. The river Daniels business image is screened at the subway 2 line 43 alteration until October 1st a week come from September 25th. The image who especially is chosen as ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’ gets to take part in ‘the business image confirmation shot of this month’ automatically. The Ri to been taking the authentication image of ‘the business image of this month’ which ‘the business image confirmation shot of this month’ is going out from the subway 2 line 43 alteration is one. The station has to be accurately seen and the authentication image presents the rainbow Byeol 3 to uploading all men. The business video confirmation shot ‘ of this month is the event in which the fans in Seoul each area gathers the Ship-See-Il-Ban (making a united effort) power, and which it can achieve. If the fire is turned on and 43 alterations upload the authentication image altogether, the station where the image comes up can learn the privilege which the business image gets to go out more with the trabecula yellow. The steel Daniels fans who are chosen as the business image of this month can upload the authentication image of 43 alteration of 2 lines until 30th. But it achieved to doze the authentication image event off on 27th and the steel Daniels fans showed the mighty fandom. Therefore, come until October 8th showing date the river Daniels business image coming October 1st was planning to be put on the screen increased. Meantime, if it is the fan like the idol, ‘ppop, it is PD of this month’ is someone or event taking part. The charming photograph of the star that I like or the image (the size 1,204*768) is put in 20 seconds and it can upload in ‘the click Star Wars’ in site business image bulletin board. It closes applications in every month on 16th and the third weeks are announced through the internal judgment on Friday.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734146.htm, 2018/09/28 16:57:10]