‘the interest ↑’…’ in ‘it held up with the rumor’ box middleThe liver hardening fighting against a disease confession in the myway ‘


While it adds, the middle agar appearing on the general programming channels TV shipbuilding ‘the life document myway’ on 27th, the interest about He is leaning. The middle, ‘2 shadows of in the mist’ ‘the love it makes’ ‘the lady of the casbah’ back hit song was left and debutting as the Hamjung child and Yankees it played an active part as the popular star in 1978 in 7080’s. It is the capable composer composing the tune including the visit to the United States Soonlee En Chunhwa Ha Beauty, and etc. The middle, the junior singer long-term Hawwah children remaked and it was being constantly loved, ‘s his tune ‘it held up with the rumor’ come into the spotlight as ‘the mixed blood singer’ till the recent with 1980 with the etc. giving Soonlee En Park Il at that time. But it appeared in MBN ‘fuel hole’ in 2012 and was the pure Korean and the hometown gave notice as the Pohang in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Presently, it is living in the Gijang in Busan. In this day broadcasting, the middle, the everyday with the wife Sonmyeonghui Ssi was opened and the truth that it fights against the liver hardening 5 years ago was confessed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734097.htm, 2018/09/28 11:27:24]