‘female and male murder’ surviving family “the victim personal rights breach” Vs distributor “the daily meterial”


The surviving families and distributor fought fiery offense and defense placing the showing of the movie ‘female and male murder’. The movie ‘female and male murder’ (the supervision Kim Taegyun) interim injunction banning release trial fixed date progressed to Seoul Central Court civil affairs 50 part mental state on 28th. The harm family of victim receiving ‘female and male murder’ provisional disposition application for the ban of screening Seo and Show Box, that is the distributor, revealed the position about the showing by each one attorney. It avoided and the legal representative “‘ female and male murder ‘ infringed on the personal rights of the victim who It becomes the deceased” of the bereaved family ” this movie did the case occurring actually in Busan in 2007 with the motive and it avoided and 99% reenacted the status light actually equally with the crime method and place and time. It asserted as the interrogation ” whether really this film could consider as the creation. This scene which the bereaved family insists has the attitude in which the shoulder is bumped in the street and the criminal and victim gets into a scuffle. After that, set fire on the corpse after the criminal stabs the neck of the victim, and etc. with the weapon. The bereaved family agent told “Even though the mental stress and of which the surviving families are considerable to undergo the pain, one were enough expected the motion for was never once asked or but Show Box had not conferred before the manufacture”. After that, it insisted to be “one which the surviving families get the phrenalgia without the returned number in case the image is sent as it is”. In the meantime, it added to infringe of the victim ‘the forgotten right’. The attorney in Show Box revealed “when ask, the killer ‘ is the area of the creation generally comprising in the movie with the daily occurring meterial in the society and there is no need that legally it gets the agreement of the surviving family” the position even when being “the apology offers prior to the defense that it doesn’t get the agreement of the surviving family and the film studio shoots”. After that, it emphasized to be “one which ‘ female and male murder ‘ focuses the confession without the believed number in which the criminal victim is not on one criminal and detective who is stupid it is stupid and tactless”. As to court, listening the both sides opinion about 50 minutes turned on the scene which the surviving families call into question in the law court. The movie release date demanded the court from the either side as 3 one people next month to submit the additional written opinion until 29th. The film ban or no is planning to be determined after next month on 1st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734142.htm, 2018/09/29 00:00:01]