“in order to plant, cause and be sorry” it has ‘the military discharge for medical reason global’ Seo In bureau and return ahead (image)


The singer and actor Seo In bureau (31) was located at the official meeting after the military discharge for medical reason global for the first time and it apologized to the public and was respectfully the work participation aspiration dirty. The attention of the world leans if the return in which Seo In bureau which meets the public by the first work after criticizing is successful can be finished. Seo In bureau took off “it will rise in advance and will tell” the luck from the cable channel is held in the Seoul Yongdungpo-gu zero heavy dew Amo leaes Times Squre TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ (the script Songhye battle formation · direction emulsion circle) production presentation which p.m. 3 on 28th and occurred in the seat. It was the first speeches of this day He. And after apologizing, the waist was stoopd at 90 degree and it greeted. Same month on 31st, all Badat the action of returning home with the osteochondral lesion (osteochondritis dissecans) symptoms of the left ankle one goal Seo In bureau entered 29 Gyeongi Yonchon-gun 5 division boot camp part previously at March last year In same year on April 27th Seoul local Office of Military Manpower, after final 5 level actually did verdict which you undergo the review, Daegu the Central Physical Examination Agency receives the close examination on June 5th was hit and the military service was exempted? As far as problem of army is concerned, Seo In soup stood to the public who is the done attention in the hub of debate. Continuously He went up the love affair and passionate love accreditation emerging to such situation as the parting with the malicious gossip after that. Rising Seo In bureau apologized first, “it causes in order to plant prior to the start so far and it is sorry” and pledged “the good acting will be presented through this drama”. And the trouble which there is very lots with ” (about the return) was done. It met the emulsion circle PD in sand and stone much. It inbreathed courage in the side much. Firstly, for getting a start when doing, it was scary. The return was not early but it wanted. It got to do and this work was calmly explained to the end of many trouble ands prize. 100 million star ‘ gotten off at the sky is making the name same Japanese drama with the original. It is the mystery melodrama drawing the shocking fate coming to her brother undiluted liquor (sungung Park) it has that kind of wound called The curiosity for Muyeong Kim character that Seo In bureau will express is high because the original was much loved. As to Seo In soup “the difference with the original star Kimura Takuya is likely to be wondered”, if there is the fascination and appearance which ” He holds, there is the fascination and appearance which I hold. Absolutely it is not good-looking one. It was refreshingly and born once and Muyeong Kim character wanted to be presented through my advantage to many people and it was the aspiration dirty. The first show after comeback ‘100 million stars getting off at the sky’ of the year 2 of Seo In bureau is having the broadcasting ahead on the third of next month at 9:30 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1734162.htm, 2018/09/29 00:00:02]