Sunghoon Kang and malicious gossip… fans which aren’t stopped turned back.


The Jekseukkiseu member Sunghoon Kang was once again embroiled in controversy. On 28th, SBS FunE opened the partial image of the case in which the Sunghoon Kang and women staff Park Mao went to the former manager chance certain cause of the home with the Chat child and which the bother gets wider. Sunghoon Kang visits Kim of the house with Park who is known with the substantial administrator of the person fan club Huni world previously and it gets involved in quarrel and assault. After situation where Sunghoon Kang finding Kim of the home to the revealed image gets the departure action of the police was contained. It approaches to the taxi which the close staff of Kim and He is taking and Sunghoon Kang and Park requests the conversation in the image. The Sunghoon Kang “one which is trying to tell well and which it is trying to go” requested to continue and get off. It refused the Kim “it is scary” the talk. In this course, the close staff of Kim kept the video shooting and the unauthorized shooting was called into question and this was prevented, Park installed. The police was again mobilized according to the reporting then. There was no large-scale physical collision but the one’s older brother of Kim insisted “sunghoon Kang and Mr. Park confined the sister. It forced and the physical force was used in the course that it steals the celluar phone”. With respect to this, it came out on the elucidation. When as to He, the man working as ” Sunghoon Kang Ssi manager over the year 1, as to Taiwan concert cancel key became a subject of discussion, then this bun contact was the company interrupted. It is to it wonders so whether why it cut off contact and visit, there are “***” Taiwan concert manufacturer and both parties complaint case. The police installs that it doesn’t get in touch with Kim. Kim was not doubted before then but the doubt became bigger by this more and it told. The anxiety disorder for was pleaded and Kim was known as one hiting against the hospital care. He can be and the plan which appoints the counsel and receives Sunghoon Kang and Mr. Park the complaint by the suspicion including the enforcement and confinement, house invasion, and etc. In the meantime, the standpoint that it will be the fan meeting absent from the Jekseukkiseu concert stage due to the one-sided the contribution embezzlement suspicion, and etc. which will cancel and which it beats was told recently. After that, it is revealed to the housebreaking and quarrel and assault image and the dispute isn’t expected to be stopped for a while. The fans are raising the voice that it throws Sunghoon Kang out of Jekseukkiseu.
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