The Choowon Suh ♥ Minyeong Kim and “isn’t the speeding?” in the marriage news


The car racer Choowon Suh which appears on the channel A variety program ‘the heart signal’ and takes the passenger of a sung (24) and model Minyeong Kim (27) which is being active in the twitch TV as BJ Aol gets married with November. As to netizen, “the speeding is not” is reacting to the unexpected marriage news of 2 people. On 28th, in the Portal site and on-line community, “it is good looking men and women couple” (the gold **) ” Choowon Suh was wonderful. It is ” (old **) “only the younger man Mannaneun outlet it is good until the ability it pretties” (the Ttaengeu **) and the succeeding fan that happy work goes well. It was enviable, the marriage of ” (* *) “there was separately the relation” (love********) “aol Gandaㅠㅠ” (mupe****) the etc. these was congratulated. On the other hand, “100 being scooped into the unexpected marriage news and being the speeding. It is Gidaryeobwa and ” (hyes****) “the celebrity speeding getting married hastily is not, it places and is mostly right” (nice****) “the summer solstice everyone are not speeding at first” (rlad****) “it how is if it is the speeding” (cmkm****) “one which comes out, and the violation knows” (kimg****) the back the reaction are shown. The prodigy of Super Juniors in the group and writing the lyrics went out of Kim in the meeting of Choowon Suh and Minyeong Kim, the large-scale help was known to be given. Choowon Suh revealed as “minyeong Kim who the follower installed SNS from the high school days and whom the ideal type watched” in ‘the heart signal’ end place at dining together to 2 people. The Ojakgyo which the prodigy and Kim is born for was volunteered and Minyeong Kim was introduced to Choowon Suh. After 2 man developed to the sweetheart. 2 people are couple of younger man and older woman with 3 years old differences. There was no expectancy that Minyeong Kim will marry because ” reserve bridegroom was soft through the wedding company eye wedding in charge of the preparing wedding. It thought to got to do in the quite distant future although it got to get married. It revealed that it loved to be deep and it got to get married by the love of the parents from both families and cheer naturally. For this reason, the look of the doubt was received but ‘the speeding is not’ was denied as 2 man “it is not”. 2 people are the schedule to ring wedding march in Seoul’s one somewhere with the non-disclosure on November 11th afternoon. It is the plan in which it will challenge the field which is new after getting married. Choowon Suh opens in the early October fine dining restaurant which the car racer comes while he is active. Is constantly done and Minyeong Kim is planning to launch the body care center open and makeup brand. The Korea cart championship youngest champion is taken in 2010 and the large-scale victory in tournament including the first Korean Japan cart series champion, and etc. is occupied after the car trace debut in 2008 in 2013 and Choowon Suh is acting for the car racer in 10 years. Minyeong Kim appeared in the majority game program including SBS Yuhuinak rock, Haseuseu tone of Ongamenet, game plus, and etc. as 10-in service Beauty and fitting model.
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