The facebook network hacking and 50 million people risk of the personal information exposure


The facebook revealed 28 days (local time)s that it punished with the danger in which the own company network got the hacking attack and about 50 million people of user private information is exposed. In the near future, the New York the Times reported that forcible management decides to logging out in the account was taken against Facebook user more than 90 million this days in security threat. The facebook was known to discover the security penetration which is serious on this week own company on network according to the sidewalk. The facebook notified hacking fact to the related law enforcement agency and requested the immediate management. According to the foreign news including Reuter, and etc, the hackers were known as one overcoming the security fense to the facebook account with the method planting the bug of which the great quantity welfare is possible in ‘the view as’. ‘the view as’ is the function which the user is able to make sure in advance how its own account is seen to the other users. The mark Jeokkeo bug facebook CEO (CEO) said in the group of reporters and conference call about the network hacking attack “this problem is very seriously handled” “in the company level, the main security measures is altogether taken”.
source : [, 2018/09/29 10:58:12]