The Kim ♥ eulogy Ha Yul, on 29th, the marriage “the happy family will be made”


All Maeeot the fruit of the love after UFC player Kim I the sweetheart eulogy Ha Yul and passionate love in 11 ㅇ the Kim and eulogy Ha Yul rang wedding march in the mid-day Shilla Hotel Seoul on 29th. The broadcaster boom and comedian Yoonse gloss proceeded. The celebrating song was visited annually and Kangnam and Greg caused. The guests, as to about 600 attended. Dong-Hyeon revealed through the agency this buoy NT “all Gamsadeuhin to the attending guests everyone and the congratulating and many person” “when the happy family will be made and in order to will display in the future good figure, it will try”. All Moeun the wedding photo of the opened with the marriage news of 2 people Kim and eulogy Ha Yul the interest 2 people are forming the bright smile in the formal method photo and wedding photo opened through the agency. Especially the wife eulogy Ha Yul having the appearance which the entertainer is no less turns off the attention. 2 people finishes the marriage registration and is the already legal couple. Presently, it appears and the newly-married life is opened.
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